ValueVista: Discover your personal Value Structure

Axiological testing 101
ValueVista is a tool that helps you discover your personal value structure.

You are unique. Your values are unique. Your values are the foundation of your personality. They are the driving force behind your decisions and actions. They determine how you see the world and how you interact with others. They are the key to understanding yourself and others.

ValueVista is a tool that helps you discover your personal value structure. It makes your internal value system visible and understandable, it provides you with a clear, objective look at your relation with yourself, the world, and with your career and work life.

What is this based on?

The Hartman Value Profile aims to measure an individual's value judgments by assessing three primary dimensions: intrinsic value, extrinsic value, and systemic value. These dimensions are based on the idea that human values can be objectively quantified.

  1. Intrinsic Value: This dimension relates to the inherent worth or goodness of something. It involves evaluating qualities such as beauty, truth, justice, and love.
  2. Extrinsic Value: This dimension pertains to the usefulness or practicality of things. It includes assessing qualities such as functionality, efficiency, and economic value.
  3. Systemic Value: This dimension focuses on the principles or rules that govern a system. It involves evaluating qualities such as order, logic, consistency, and fairness.

The Hartman Value Profile is based on the work of Robert S. Hartman, who developed the model in the 1950s. Hartman was a philosopher and mathematician who believed that human values could be objectively measured and quantified. He developed the model to help people understand their own values and how they relate to others' values.

So, in effect, your value structure is how you 'see' the world and yourself in it. It is the lens through which you view the world. ValueVista analyses your value structure across several "Domains":

  1. World: How you see the world around you
  2. Existence: How you see yourself in the world
  3. Career: How you see your career
  4. Work: How you see your work
  5. Culture: How you see the culture you are working in

The Hartman Value Profile has been used in various fields, including psychology, business, education, and personal development, to gain a better understanding of individuals' motivations, behaviors, and value systems.

For example, the model has been used to help people identify their core values and make decisions that align with those values. It has also been used to help people understand how their values may differ from others' values and how these differences can lead to conflict.

Since 2002, Ron van de Water, the owner of Learnworks B.V., a Dutch company specializing in training and coaching services, has made significant advancements to the Hartman Value Profile (HVP). Working closely with the Hartman Institute, he expanded the dimensions of the original HVP, to encompass additional aspects such as Career, Work, and Culture. These new questionnaires, which he called the Learnworks Value Profile, were used in his practice for career coaching and were a key component in his work on stagnation in the workplace. Link to one of his books on this topic. (in Dutch)